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-S.B.If you are looking for a great tutor look no further! Theresa has the knowledge and the personality, my daughter loves her! I've been extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend her. Thank you for making everything look easy.

-C.B. Theresa is an awesome tutor. She has an ease with conveying difficult material, and talent for motivating her students. She is very organized and punctual. I can not imagine a better ally for getting your child invested in school work.

-D.B. Theresa does so much more than tutor! She helps students through the college process, from applying, essay writing, prepping for exams such as SAT's, guides student athletes amongst other quality services. She is a dedicated individual who truly cares about helping students understand. The college process is a full time job and it changes very often. As a parent, even though I worked in higher education admissions, I am no longer equipped with the ever changing ins and outs of the process today. I would recommend Theresa to any family with students from Middle School on up. She has a gift for seeing the whole student and taking all of it into consideration. She sees things that others don't and that attention to detail and passion enables her to tailor her services to suit a family and student like no one else can. You will be so grateful to work with her. The value of what she offers is immeasurable!

-T.J. Theresa is one of the most organized, dedicated people I have met so far. She is very smart and has a thirst for learning different skills – so she can become a better tutor and human. I enjoy her positive attitude and she is super organized. I can honestly not imagine a better tutor to introduce to parents that need help with getting their kids up to speed or finding a college.

-T.C. Theresa really connects with her students. She spends the time to get to know each student on multiple levels; personality tests, academic tests and strength finding tests. She then tailors her approach to each student's individual needs. The plan that she develops with her students will help them reach all of their individual goals…even if those goals aren't the traditional 4-year college…she helps them find their place. She is uniquely talented in helping her students understand their potential and sets them up to achieve more. I highly recommend her!

-T.W. Theresa is not only a phenomenal educational consultant but an amazing mentor. She has helped countless clients achieve goals and dreams that may not have been achievable without her guidance and foresight. Her compassion for helping kids change their futures speaks to her heart for the youth and is just the tip of the iceberg of the type person she is to all individuals regardless of age. Her organizational skills and ability to dissect an issue and communicate clearly and succinctly is what makes Theresa a fantastic educational consultant.

-G.A. [Theresa] provides excellent services through her tutoring. She's very focused and understands clients abilities.

-J.T. Theresa is focused and thorough with her students. Great tutor!

-B.C. Theresa does 1 to 1 tutoring and has so many success stories of helping children accelerate in subjects that are a challenge for them. She's a delight to work with and she has flexible hours. Give her a call if you have an underperforming student or a student who needs a bigger challenge.

-J.M. If your child needs tutoring, this is the person you want to help them! Not only does she have mastery over her subjects, she is also super dedicated, genuinely cares about her students, and is firm enough to hold them accountable so they can move themselves forward in life. She has many success stories and you can be assured you and your kids are in excellent hands with Theresa.

-K.H. Theresa is so knowledgeable on such a wide range of subjects, and has a great talent for conveying that knowledge to others.

-T.H. Theresa has experience with so many types of students and can help them find their college or career path, even if they want to play video games for the rest of their life.

-T.J. Theresa is extremely knowledgeable and very sweet! I highly recommend her when it comes to tutoring and helping students find their ideal college.

-T.C. Theresa really works with students to define and reach their goals.

-B.J. Students need a guide for their education goals. It's not enough to ask them “what do you want to do when you grow up?” It's more important to watch what they love to do. My son loved video games and music. He writes songs and is an IT tech. Those are his gifts. Watch or listen to a child. The thing they're excited about is usually what they end up loving to do.

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