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About Theresa

Theresa has over 20 years of experience as an education consultant and private tutor. A long-time educator, she has tutored various levels of all subjects, helping improve students' grades in Math, Science, English, and History, along with improved scores on the SAT. Having experience with students of all ages, Theresa is able to adapt to each student's learning abilities and guide the students towards their personal and educational goals. She has expert experience tutoring students for the SAT, ACT, ISEE/SSAT, and other standardized tests, creating a customized program for each student based on the individual's capabilities.

When it became clear I needed to find a tutor for my son I was immediately filled with questions about how to find one that would have all the skills and demeanor every parent would want in someone who will be working with their child. Thankfully I was referred to Theresa through a friend, having a recommendation is always a plus. From the first time I witnessed Theresa interact with my son I knew I had made the right choice. She has patience like an angel yet is firm enough to keep my hyper, talkative son on task. She was able to assist my son in raising his grades from C's and below to all A's and B's within one trimester. You can't argue with results. My son loves her, add to that she gets the job done and you have the best tutor I've ever seen.

– Russ R., parent

Experience and research shows that students who need tutoring one year will most likely need tutoring next year also. Adapting to a new tutor every year for a different subject can be difficult for most students, not to mention difficult for the parent who has to find a good new tutor every year! Better long-term success comes from personalized instruction with a tutor who can teach multiple subjects and maintain focus on the bigger picture. A student will always do better when they receive one-on-one lessons.

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