The End is Nigh…

The end of the semester and school year, that is! With just a handful of weeks left, how can your student have a successful end of the year? What can be done to help your student’s focus? There are projects, essays, and tests… So much work to do, how can your student tackle it all?

1) Make a schedule. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: time management is key to successful studying. List what needs to be done, assess how much time each task will take, and make a written schedule. Yes, WRITE IT DOWN. Writing down the schedule (specific tasks on each day) helps clarify what should be happening on each day. This gives the student clear and measurable goals. The internet has free printable calendars that can be used if your student needs to see the whole month at once. Otherwise, the student can just make a simple list on a plain piece of paper.

2) Take advantage of school programs. Every high school and most middle schools now have some kind of free on-campus tutoring or after-school help. Take advantage of them! Sign up for an after-school prep class in the subject that needs help. Volunteer faculty and (past) students help out in these programs, so usually there’s more than one person who can help the student understand the material. There may even be other class members at these school-sponsored events. So take advantage of the free help that’s all around.

3) Study better, not longer! If the student made a schedule (per step 1 above), we can see that there’s probably not enough time to spend on every task, as much as we would like anyhow. Join or start a study group, if one of the school programs doesn’t fit your student’s needs. Being able to teach a subject to others leads to better comprehension, better retention, and better grades!

As I stated in “Managing time effectively,” developing better study skills actually helps students study less. This is because better study habits result in more efficient studying. When we help the students in our lives become better scholars, everyone wins.

Happy learning!

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