Enjoy the break!

If you are in school or know someone in school, I’m sure excited cries of “Spring Break, woohoo!” have been filling the air. Depending on the school or district, this year’s Spring Breaks have been going since the end of March. Most high schoolers are out this week or next week though. If the student in your life is on “Spring Break, woohoo!” right now, here are some tips to make it a good one.

1) Give them a break. Everyone needs some time to relax. Just as adults need to unwind, so do students. Spring Break is a mini-vacation for students–a breather between the first half of the semester and the second half. Young students (including teenagers!) have short attention spans and need the break to recharge their minds and energies. Allow them to let go of the stresses for a little bit. Let them “let loose.” Motivation to do schoolwork comes easier after taking a short break to recollect your thoughts.

2) Do the homework early. I know, I just said to give everyone a break. However, in reality, teachers do assign homework, usually projects, over the break. Encourage your student to get it out of the way by doing it the first few days of break. That way, the project or essay won’t be looming over the whole break. It’s easier to enjoy the time off when the student isn’t dreading a big homework assignment. Once the assignment is done, the student can feel accomplished AND not have to think about homework!

3) Enjoy something together. Letting them enjoy the break on their own is fun, but also try to find some time to bond with the students in your life. If they’re around for the break–this will usually be the younger ones–plan an activity together. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant thing: just something that you don’t often get to do on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps that’s going to the beach or the mall. Play games together. Take a day trip to a nearby typically-tourist attraction. It can be something you’ve done before or something new. It’s the moments we share together that make life worth living, so spend some time on the break TOGETHER. Create a memory.

Have fun and happy learning!

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