Get started on that project!

Spring Break is in a couple weeks (if you aren’t on it already), and that means a couple more tests and probably a project due. Check out my previous posts if you’re stressing about tests. Preparing for tests and studying effectively for them are important things to know. So is understanding how to take tests efficiently. However, today’s post is about that upcoming project looming over you. Where do you even start???

1) Understand the project components and the time schedule. Read the project assignment, and understand what needs to be done. Projects (and essays and the like) usually have multiple tasks that need to be completed. It is important to understand what all those pieces are, so that you can plan accordingly. Once you understand what is needed, then you can organize your time with mini-deadlines. Managing your time wisely STARTS with understanding how many things needs to be done and how long each of those things will take.

2) Gather your research. Some projects need research or background work before you can even start on them. Thankfully, some teachers include “find research” as part of the project task. However, as you get older (upper high school or college), it is less likely that the teacher will tell you to gather research. It will be up to you! This step is important because projects are often about a “bigger picture” or bigger concept. When you gather research, you are learning about the background of the lesson, which in turn gives you a better understanding of the project.

3) Set aside larger amounts of time. As stated above, managing your time wisely starts with understanding how long each task will take. A project or essay takes longer to do than a regular homework assignment! So, not only can’t you expect to finish it in less than an hour, but you also have to estimate how much actual time it is going to take. Managing your time well means taking this into consideration. Schedule larger blocks of time (for each task!) than you normally would for a regular assignment. A good estimate is, decide how long you think a task will take, and then double it. This doubling will help account for problems that arise, taking a break, or just plain spacing out.

Now that you’re ready, get started on that project. The better you work, the sooner it will be done. Then you can enjoy your Spring Break. Let me know if you need help!

Happy learning!

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