Prepare for BACK TO SCHOOL!

“Back to school already?!” my students have asked incredulously. Yes, indeed it is. Stores are already promoting sales on clothes and school supplies. What are some ways to help every student in your household prepare for “back to school”?

1) The most important thing you can do for your student is to provide an encouraging learning atmosphere. To help your student become a better scholar, you have to provide the right environment. Have a consistent (and well-lit!) study space. Your student needs your moral support also. Encourage different ways to learn and think critically.

2) Remember that, as you buy new things for your student, just as new clothes are important, so are school supplies! Notebooks, pencils, pens, binders, loose-leaf paper… I know it sounds like a lot (or maybe it doesn’t) but every student needs these supplies to succeed! You wouldn’t believe how many homes I tutor don’t have these ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY supplies. As adults, if we didn’t have pens or paper, most of us wouldn’t be able to do our jobs! Learning is your student’s job; make sure he or she is prepared!

3) Get started on a more regular, school-appropriate sleep schedule. Most parents and caregivers let students sleep in over the summer, which is fine, but then they don’t accommodate for back-to-school until just a couple days before. The body needs time to adjust, so moving the schedule little by little each week for a few weeks before school starts is much better for the body… and the student’s mood.

4) Prepare for upcoming classes, especially the ones your student finds difficult. Is that Math, Science, English? Many tutors (myself included; contact me!) have refresher programs for students to rebuild those lessons that the students may have forgotten over the summer. Brushing up on last year’s lessons definitely give your student a head start on the new school year.

5) Has your student started on the summer reading assignment yet? If not, check out my tips on how to tackle that summer reading. If there are other summer assignments, make sure those are underway also. (Some science classes assign a summer science project.) I’ve helped several students this summer work on their reading, projects, and essays.

Here are some other great tips on getting ready to go back to school. Enjoy the rest of summer as you move into “back to school”! Happy learning!

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