Exciting joint venture with UFC!

What an exciting development! One of the agencies that I work with has invited me to do a tutoring blog for them! United Friends of the Children provides services to families and children in foster care. Their mission statement reads:

United Friends of the Children is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of foster children and to supporting former foster youth in their journey to become successful, independent adults. Through our programs, advocacy efforts, and direct involvement with youth, UFC seeks to be a catalyst for change.

UFC has been expanding its social media programs, and this collaboration will be a venture for their Facebook page. Twice a month, UFC will feature one of my blog posts about study tips or other helpful information. I’m so excited for this new project! It’ll keep me thinking about ways to help parents, students, and tutors. That’s a win for everyone!

If you have any ideas for “Studying Tips with Theresa,” or questions in general, please let me know!

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