October SAT

The October SAT is this Saturday, Oct 6th! It’s the first one of the school year, and if you’re a senior, it’s the second to last one you’ll be able to take in time for college applications.

The October SAT is one of the better ones to take. The testing place is not as crowded, and as my summer SAT students learned, there aren’t really any other school-related assignments taking up your time. So you have more time to study for it (all summer even!), and you’re less stressed… which means you’ll be better prepared.

Unfortunately it’s too late to sign up for this one, sorry. However, if you’re thinking about taking the SAT, get on it! The deadline for registering for the November SAT (test date: Nov 3rd, 2012) is this Thursday, Oct 4th (in two days)! Late registration is allowed until Oct 22nd, but you’ll have to pay a late fee. Visitthe College Board website to register.

And if you don’t know if you should take the SAT, give me a holler! Or stay tuned: I’m sure I’ll have another post about it soon. Thanks for reading!

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